City Salsa Liaisons Wanted

We are looking for Active Salsa Junkies in ever major city in the world! There is no formal pay but there is the possibility of good money (and pay after 3 months of probation)


  • Need to be actively going to Salsa clubs in the city you live in.
  • Must be of legal age to enter clubs in your city.
  • Can keep any customers you might get as a I Need My Salsa Liaison. (I have made thousands as a Salsa Dance Instructor and DJ)


  • Answer e-mails and/or phone calls received from I Need My Salsa app
  • Update Salsa Club Locations in your city in I Need My Salsa app. (name, address, phone)
  • Post in I Need My Salsa (your city) Facebook page

Email me – or call me @ 305-222-7078

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