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For the last several years, I Need My Salsa has been kept going completely supported by me, Howard Carney. I have reached a point where I can not support this project completely by myself. I just don’t have the time and I cannot afford to hire help yet. If you find this site and/or smart phone app useful, there are several ways you can help me out! I have listed below what I need to keep moving forward with I Need My Salsa! Thank you for your continued support!

Donate any amount, even $1 helps out when enough people donate! All donations will be put to very good use supporting I Need My Salsa.

Volunteer I am looking for Salsa Liaisons for every city. As a Salsa Liaison, you will keep track of new clubs that open, and old clubs that close, and send updates to me so that we can keep things up to date and accurate! You will also act as a point of contact for dancers who are visiting your area and need to be pointed in the right direction in their quest for Salsa! Send an E-mail to to volunteer!

PurchaseYou will see advertisements for our different affiliates at the bottom of each page and in other areas of our web site. You will also see banner ads in our app. We get a small commission when you make purchases through those ads. We don’t get paid for “clicks”, we only get paid when you purchase something. We try to make sure our affiliates are offering things that you want to purchase!

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