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Best Web Hosting Service – I Use For All My Sites

I have over 100 web sites for my various businesses and for my clients businesses. I get asked quite often who I use for web hosting. I originally tried to keep it a secret but at some point I realized that it was silly not to share the information. I have been referring people to this company for awhile and have not heard a single complaint. Today I am giving all of you one of my best resources!

I have been using BlueHost for a little over 2 years now for web hosting. They are the best web hosting company I have ever used and they have saved me a ton of money! I used to pay over $300 a month to host all of my sites and now I pay ONLY $84 PER YEAR! I have unlimited sites so I can add as many as I want and they make WordPress installation a breeze! Their dashboard is much easier to use than GoDaddy or Myhosting so they save me time also. I highly recommend BlueHost for web hosting.

To be completely upfront I just became an affiliate and I do benefit if you use my links to check them out, but my endorsement is 100% true! This is the company I use… and the company I recommend to friends and family. – Howard Carney


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