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List your Salsa business in our smart phone app and on our web site! Over 5000 Salsa Junkies from around the world have already downloaded our app and that number is growing fast! We have over 9000 unique visitors to our web site every month and over 20,000 people download our Podcasts ever month.

We have a couple of options to get the word out about your event, studio, dance class, or salsa club. Let us know what you are trying to accomplish and we can help you get there!

Option 1 – Free Basic Listing In Our App & On Our Web Site

You might already have a free basic listing which includes your business name and GPS location or address. Download the free app for iOS or Android and take a look!. If it’s not there, add it with this link! (we no longer allow adding from app due to formatting issues) 

Option 2 – Detailed Listing (App & Web Site) – $120 per year

(For $10 a month you get great visibility)
A detailed listing gives local and visiting dancers from around the world a way to find out everything about your Salsa Events.

  • Listing with your business photo icon so it stands out
  • Include Photo’s in Your Business Listing
  • Customers Can Check In and Add Photos (plus share with Facebook and Twitter)
  • Detailed Info like Hours, History, Weekly Specials
  • Direct Links to Your Phone Number (one touch calling)
  • Direct Links to Your Web Sites
  • Directions to your Location
  • Direct Links to Your Social Media
  • Imbed Your Video in the Listing

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