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When I started traveling for work I would go online and search for Salsa in each city I visited. Sometimes the information was good and sometimes it was not so good. That is why I built this app. salsa dancers need to be able to easily find the closest Salsa clubs and parties and Salsa lessons. I eventually expanded the app to include more Sala related items. After a motorcycle accident in October of 2014 the app and web site went down too. It’s now back up and I am rebuilding them both to be better than ever! Your comments and updates are appriciated.


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Welcome to I Need My Salsa!

We are in the process of rebuilding this website. It will have Salsa information for around the world. Find information about world Salsa events and listen to our Salsa podcast.

Download the I Need My Salsa App and find the closest Salsa Clubs and Events, Salsa Lessons and Instructors, Salsa DJs and Bands, plus the information which is on this site.